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One of our specialities includes improving the value and style of your home. We do this with the timeless elegance of timber decking. If you are looking to upgrade your home and add value to your entertaining area, then decking is the fastest and most stylish way to do it. With inspiration from Adelaide’s unique palette of engineering, construction and building, we have a wide variety of ideas and sources for decking Adelaide. We compose and create these solid timber foundations, using only the best materials available. Not only will decking increase your property’s value it will elevate your backyard and outdoor area. You outdoor space will be granted life of the party status. It will give you a chance to add a little bit of your own personality to an already developed home.

Enjoy the elegance of decking Adelaide

There is nothing quite like the simple, natural elegance of timber decking, just ask our deck builders Adelaide. It gives a certain charm to your living space and blends in with the surrounding natural scope. Warm up your living area with darker, honeyed hues or cool it down with lighter tans and beige’s. Whatever your home colour scheme is, we can match, blend and boost your home’s value and personality. Not only is timber aesthetically pleasing, but it is clean and an added safety benefit to your poolside area. The texture and makeup of timber decking gives added grip and resistance to wet surfaces. Unlike stone, concrete, grass or tiling, this is a stylish way to ensure your family and friends’ safety.

Choose from a variety of shapes and styles

Just like people, every home is different. So too are the lifestyles that occur within each home. The decking specialists here at On Trend can tailor your deck to your specific needs and tastes. From simple parallel lines to gorgeous geometric patterns. With a variety of decking styles, shapes and timbers to choose from, we delight in giving you the opportunity to shape the designs to suit your home.

Drawing inspirations from the contemporary decking Adelaide look to simple outdoor living, no idea is too crazy, no design is too extravagant, no construction goal is too difficult for deck builders Adelaide. The only limit is your imagination.  

Start planning with the outdoor living specialists

Timber decking has the potential to add great value to your home. It can add a sleekness, not achievable with a simple concrete, stone or pavement setting. Our deck builders Adelaide have the skills to create a space that is perfect for enduring the harsh Australian sun and safe during the winter season. Turn your porch into a breakfast nook, an outdoor party area, or even a serene, relaxing space to unwind after work. Bring the styles of decking Adelaide to your beautiful home. Whether you want to create an outdoor living room, bring to life your alfresco dining ideas to life or make an entertainment area you friends would be envious of, look no further than our On Trend Outdoor Living. Call us on: