Maximise your relaxation with a verandah

In our busy lives, it’s important to take time out, to sit and relax and clear one’s head. One way to achieve a tranquil, calming space at home is by bringing your inside space outside. Watch and blend with the natural environment around you. Protect and extend the life of your space against the elements all year round, bring a little shade to a particularly sunny backyard, keep the rain and wind away from your dining table and create a living entertainment area that helps you merge your home with your environment.

Verandah building Adelaide

Tired of having to deal with the unpredictable elements of the weather while trying to relax? Tired of having to deal with fabric shades that fade and disintegrate under the harsh summer sun and rip in the winter winds? Not only can verandahs add brighten up your home, but they are a long term investment of protection and comfort which pays off as soon as they’re added. By creating a cosy alfresco area for your household, you can bring the inside outside, create extra recreation and living space and grant added protection from the sun and the rain.

Wrap your house in unique style

On Trend prides themselves on collaborating with our clients. We know that every individual has their own tastes and ideas and we are more than happy to work with you to accomplish your ideal living space. Adelaide’s architecture landscape is forever changing the face of this city, yet we are very proud of both our modern and vintage homes. We understand that every enquiry will be different and that every home will be unique. Whether you want a variety of gables or awnings, flat or curved styles, timber or steel, we can’t wait to work with you.